A world class facility based in Sam Roi Yot, a remote seaside area located between the mountains and the sea with access to:

- world class facilities
- top level coaches
- elite nutrition
- a community of like minded people

Train, recover and stay at a place you’ll want to keep on returning to

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For an additional 20% of the original price coming alone you are permitted to share a room with a buddy. This enables you to share the cost and experience. Transform your mind, body and spirits together.

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  • Join us in learning the art of Muay Thai with our world class coaches. Focus on both skill and conditioning whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced Nak Muay

  • Physically transform and increase your strength, endurance, speed and power with our Hybrid training programs in our brand new state of the art gym


Air Conditioner Room

Stay cool and move freely with our air-conditioned rooms, paired with unrestricted access to all classes during your stay. Dive into any session, anytime—perfect for those eager to explore and excel in our diverse fitness offerings. Book your transformative getaway now!

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Fan Room

Enjoy a breezy retreat in our fan-cooled rooms while having the freedom to join any of our classes at your convenience. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to maximize their training in a relaxed setting. Book your stay and train limitlessly!

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Recovery Center

  • Sauna

    Recover effectively after class training with our premium sauna. Enhance muscle relaxation and optimize your recovery process.

  • Ice Bath

    After a hard session of class, unwind in our quality ice bath to help soothe and revive tired muscles.