Welcome to Thybrid, where tradition meets tranquility and training in the heart of Thailand. Whether you're a seasoned fighter or a fitness enthusiast, Thybrid offers a unique blend of accommodation and world-class Muay Thai and hybrid fitness classes designed to invigorate your body and spirit.

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Roommate Deal! Share & Pay Only 20% More

Unlock an incredible 80% discount on your next session when you bring a friend to Thybrid! It's simple: team up with a buddy and experience the exhilarating world of Muay Thai and our diverse hybrid fitness classes for a fraction of the price.

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  • Join our Muay Thai classes and master the art of eight limbs. Train under expert guidance, boost your fitness, and embrace a stronger you. Start your journey today!

  • Elevate your fitness. Hybrid training is a method whereby you simultaneously increase both your strength and endurance performance. Transferable to combat sport can be the difference between winning and losing


Air Conditioner Room

Stay cool and move freely with our air-conditioned rooms, paired with unrestricted access to all classes during your stay. Dive into any session, anytime—perfect for those eager to explore and excel in our diverse fitness offerings. Book your transformative getaway now!

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Fan Room

Enjoy a breezy retreat in our fan-cooled rooms while having the freedom to join any of our classes at your convenience. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to maximize their training in a relaxed setting. Book your stay and train limitlessly!

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Recovery Center

  • Sauna

    Recover effectively after class training with our premium sauna. Enhance muscle relaxation and optimize your recovery process.

  • Ice Bath

    After a hard session of class, unwind in our quality ice bath to help soothe and revive tired muscles.